Film Review – OASIS KNEBWORTH 1996 (2021)

What a joy to see no iPhones or iPads flailing around above heads at this remarkable open-air concert recorded across two-nights in August of 1996 with one of the biggest musical outfits of the time; centre stage, Oasis.

This trailblazing moment in musical history by a band who rose to fame within two years of conception is a rock ‘n’ roll document you do not want to miss.

Directed by music video veteran Jake Scott, this is a snappily edited mixture of performances to a mass of adoring fans who were in attendance, interspersed with comments from founders Liam and Noel Gallagher looking back at their glory days.

OASIS KNEBWORTH GIG 10-8-1996 by Jill Furmanovsky

From set up constructing the mass area, to rehearsals, to walking out on stage on opening night, it’s all here, woweee, this is going to ignite memories and love of the 90s all over again.

Re-enacting situations of fans calling up on landlines to secure tickets is an embodiment of the era as is the footage of line-ups morning of release and stampeding into the area trying to get that front row spot.

The two-night flawless set-list contains hits, B-sides and covers that Oasis fans are going to be ignited by immediately. Sing-a-longs are inevitable.

Striding on stage, the barnstorming Gallaghers are having the time of their lives with the world at their feet, voices are perfect as is the musical riffs and every single move they make.

Fan stories are quite interesting, in-particular a limousine tale of a wandering concert-goer lost after the gig hopping into a deluxe car occupied by Kate Moss, Anna Friel, assisting them on a way out of the concert zone.

Pump up the volume, enjoy a look back when gigs, were gigs.


Documentary, Music | UK, 2021 | 15 | Cinema | 23rd September 2021 (Worldwide) | Trafalgar Releasing | Dir.Jake Scott | Liam Gallagher, Noel Gallagher, Paul Arthurs, Paul McGuigan, Alan White

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