Film Review – It Came From Below (2021)

Put fresh batteries in your headlamp for this mysterious creature feature in deep damp caverns underground following a group of friends hunted down by a telepathic hungry alien lurking, preying on fresh meat.

Jessie (Megan Purvis) lost her father on a hiking expedition claiming he was attacked by a monster of some description.

Armed with his notebook full of theories and field maps, Jessie invites a few mates off the grid to walk in the path of her dad to find the truth. Whilst descending into the unknown, it becomes clear this foursome is not all on the same page.

Glaring complaints sparking passive-aggressive arguments resulting in making bad decisions due to frustration and intensity of being stuck in isolated darkness.

Not a found-footage horror, it is definitely filmed like one at times with intercutting video camera POV and constantly talking over the top of one another actors.

Cinematography is darkly lit, camera maestro Dominic Ellis handles certain scenes with pizazz under claustrophobic circumstances, including the big reveal of the relatively convincing subterranean predator.

Destined for stardom, Megan Purvis is the key element above all characters, Jessie grabs your attention early, vital for the viewer to follow her cause in honour of her father.

Soon to be seen in highly anticipated action-thriller, The Gardener, almost unknown Becca Hirani, makes an immediate above par impression as a Ranger, albeit delivering questionable dialogue alongside Howard J. Davey also good, as her ranger colleague.

An entirely acceptable British independent horror made with obvious love of the genre by dedicated filmmakers.


Horror | UK, 2021 | 18 | On Demand, Digital HD | 7th September 2021 | Uncork’d Entertainment | Dir.Dan Allen |
Becca Hirani, Megan Purvis, Georgie Banks, Tara MacGowran

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