Film Review – Between Waves (2021)


All hail multi-talented director Virginia Abramovich, co-writing with exceptional Katherine Andrews, feverishly manipulating your senses in this similar to; Inception, alternate dream-like world romance with infinite possibilities depending on vital choices or judgement, either immediate or long-term.

Stay spoiler-free as best you can for maximum enjoyment, I will not be revealing too much here. Avoid distractions whilst absorbing, Between Waves.

When photographer Jamie (Fiona Graham) met quantum physicist Isaac (Luke Robinson) it’s basically love at first sight, soon becoming lovers, until under extraordinary circumstances, a visit to parallel realities becomes an option.

A top priority of the missing persons unit, Isaac has disappeared……… somewhere!

Revealing flashbacks interspersed with current activities link unique inter-dimensional aspects together.
However, nothing is really as it seems.

Stacey Bernstein, as former colleague of Isaac, Renata, is an elegant screen presence.

Stay alert, especially when Jamie spots potential alternate versions of herself whilst visiting sites indicated on a map left by Isaac on the exotic surrounds of Sao Miguel island. X marks the spot.

Naturally believable under extreme duress in matters of the heart, Fiona Graham, is striking.

Breathtaking postcard worthy visuals enhance the romantic feelings, gorgeous ocean shots become imperative to the story.


Drama, Romance | USA, 2020 | 15 | Digital HD | 20th September 2021 (UK) | Reel2Reel Films | Dir.Virginia Abramovich | Fiona Graham, Luke Robinson, Stacey Bernstein, Sebastian Deery

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