Watch Crazy Sweetie, You Won’t Believe It UK Trailer

If your a fan of gore and genre films for the next few days the Woodstock Of Gore, Arrow FrightFest is the place to be. One of the films premiering in London this weekend will be Sweetie, You Won’t Believe It and today 101 Films give us a taster of the crazy film with the UK Trailer.

Described as ‘Carry On Deliverance’ Kazakhstan style! Yernar Nurgaliyev‘s darkly comedic splatterfest focuses on a couple looking for one last weekend of fun before there new baby arrives. What starts as an argument over baby names ends up in a Cabin In The Woods style deadly mayhem for those who go on a fishing trip.

The film has played several film festivals including Fantasia Film Festival. All calling the film absurd well when you have a boat made up of blow up sex dolls, need I say more?!

After accidentally witnessing a murder by a group of thugs, the three friends are suddenly on the run to escape their violent clutches and then things turn even wilder. With a mysterious one-eyed man out for blood and a desperate wannabe bride and her pushy father in the mix, the body count starts to rise. Never mind fishing, will Dastan make it out alive and get to the hospital in time to witness the birth of his child?

Filled with bucket loads of blood, sweat and tears of laughter with Sweetie, you Won’t Believe it. Absurd and hysterical – not to mention unapologetically brutal – you really won’t believe it.

The film stars Daniar Alshinov, Yerkebulan Daiyrov, Asel Kaliyeva, Rustem Zhaniyamanov.

Sweetie, You Won’t Believe It will make it’s UK Premiere on Saturday 28th August at Arrow Video FrightFest. The film will be officially released in the UK and Ireland Digitally in 2022.