Sunday Short Theatre – Rendang Of Death (2020)

We all have favourite meals we all adore and have loved since we first tasted them. Sometimes that’s recently other times since we were young, What if that you go to restaurant with a friend and both of you adore the same dish, Rendang, what do you do? This week’s Sunday Short Theatre friendships are tested in Rendang Of Death!

This week’s choice comes from Jakarta based studio, Indonesia Percolate Galactic. If you adore that old Ren and Stimpy style you’ll be in for a entertaining treat, as the animated short pushes things to the limit. The whole look of this film is a delight, plenty of flair and hyper violence which we love. It’s also a reminder to those who think animation is just for kids, think again.

Rendang itself is a national dish of Indonesia, a dry curry and in this case a beef curry. Two friends are in a restaurant in Padang about to enjoy lunch with many other people. Things are about to go downhill as both friends have eyes for one dish only, Beef Rendang. The problem is there’s only one plate of the curry left, hell breaks loose threatening the pairs friendship.

This is a metaphorical story in a violent Battle Royale style, 7 minutes of non stop brutality and of course a few laughs. Beyond the violence there is a social commentary with comical undertones

In a quaint Padang restaurant, filled with people enjoying their lunch break, two bros put their friendship to the test when it turns out that there’s only a single plate of their favorite food left: The Rendang of Death. (Massacre may or may not ensue.)

Rendang of Death was created with inspiration from the legendary animated short ‘Bar Fight’ made by the equally legendary animator Christy Karacas.

(Rendang. Google it. It’s a dry beef curry from Indonesia, and it’s worth killing for. Trust us.)

Source: Short Of The Week