Jonathan Rhys-Meyers For His And Her Life In Yakuza Princess UK Trailer


You and the sword must become one, as Signature Entertainment release the UK Trailer for action thriller Yakuza Princess. Starring Jonathan Rhys-Meyers is unearthing his past but he must fight his and her life.

The film is based on Danilo Beyruth’s graphic novel of the same name and set around the Japanese population in Brazil. If you didn’t know, in Sao Paulo there is actually 1.6 million Japanese live in the city with Brazailan filmmaker Vicente Amorim (The Division) directing. Japanese American pop singer Masumi plays out titular heroine, who is raised and trained as a child in Martial Arts as well as sword fighting in Brazil. Her name is Akemi and she knows nothing of her family’s past that is soon to catch up on her. Elsewhere a amnesiac American man wakes up in a local hospital with no clue how he got there with only a antique sword. Both their paths are about to interlock as they unearth their pasts.

The film is set to make it’s world premiere at Fantasia Fest on 18th & 20th August. Coming Of Age revenge drama, count us in, this looks awesome genre flick!

Prepare for all-out martial arts action with Jonathan Rhys Meyers (Vikings) in Yakuza Princess. A crime boss is murdered in cold blood and his only heir is sent abroad as an infant. 20 years pass and now, rival gangs are out to kill as this young woman discovers her birth right at the head of a crime syndicate. Fighting for her life she teams up with an American man trying to discover his own past – one epic fight at a time. Also starring Tsuyoshi Ihara (Letters from Iwo Jima) and Kenny Leu (Midway), Yakuza Princess is directed by Vicente Amorim (The Division), adapted from the graphic novel Shiro by Danilo Beyruth.

The film also stars Tsuyoshi Ihara, Toshiji Takeshima, Eijiro Ozaki, Kenny Leu and Charles Paraventi.

Yakuza Princess will be released by Signature Entertainment in the UK and Ireland. First on all digital platforms from 20th September and Amazon Prime Video 1st October.