Film Review – Out Of Death (2021)

A lot of people ask what has happened to Bruce Willis, well…he may have slowed down or clearly sleepwalks through certain roles, his mere presence onscreen ignites reason to watch, still a legend.

After recently losing his wife, Jack Harris (Willis) is a forty-year police veteran taking a cabin in the woods break overseen by niece Pam (Kelly Greyson) who lives nearby and works at the local police dispatch.

Nature walker, Shannon ( breathtaking Jaime King. reuniting with her Sin City co-star) on a hike taking photos alone in the wilderness with intention of spreading her late Father’s ashes in the terrain.

Acutely stumbling across a police shakedown and double cross execution capturing it all on film. A cop Billie Jean (Lala Kent) realises there’s a witness to her latest corrupt incident immediately chasing the photographer promising, ‘everything will be OK, I won’t hurt you‘. We’ve all heard that before!

Out on a walk taking in the fresh air and chirping birds, Jack randomly assists Shannon, providing protection.
Jack suddenly becomes an additional target for the criminally minded local law enforcement including an extremely psychotic Sheriff whom has no problem hurting his own team, to get what he wants.

Told through 5 chapters of title cards, Out of Death; identifies as minimal storytelling, alongside considerably effective filmmaking within a secluded, picturesque leafy environment.

Entertaining action scenes have occasional inspired moments, Jaime King and Lala Kent, show decorum, are intriguing and convincing, knowing exactly the kind of high-concept, medium budget movie this is. Still achieving a prolonged career of massive successes or volatile flops and now mostly extended cameos in a variety of quickfire productions, this Hollywood icon is deserved of legend status forever, Bruce Willis reigns, Bruno still the man.

Crime, Thriller | USA, 2021 | 15 | Digital Download | 2nd August 2021 (UK) | ILY Films | Dir.Mike Burns | Bruce Willis, Jaime King, Lala Kent, Kelly Greyson

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