Film Review – A New World Order (2019)


Extremely impressive, visionary mind-expanding science fiction ultra-intensifying thriller almost devoid of any dialogue, instead relying of hand gestures, facial expressions and enthralling acting techniques by two completely, dedicated, believable leads on the constant run from land stalking or flying assassin robotics.

It’s war against the machines for Tomasz (Stefan Ebel) and Lilja (Siri Nase) reluctantly joining forces in a vast dystopia, adapting to survive at all costs whilst gaining affection for each other along the way.

Programmed to react to noise and voices, the machines are similar in response pattern to the creatures of, A Quiet Place.

Strong connection between Tomasz and Lilja, forms strong resistance, mostly outsmarting the weaponised robots while passively mapping out a journey to bring them down as a collective.

The action in this kickstarter German production, shot in cinematic forests of Finland, is extraordinary considering the micro-budget.

Effective cut-price special effects really are imposing.

Music by Nora Ebel, doesn’t overpower, rather a score setting the mood amidst parameters of limited dialogue.

Keeping it grounded, Siri Nase, in particular shines as Lilja, as does her co-star Ebel, although at times certain situations when threats of being heard highly unlikely, it seems illogical, he doesn’t talk.

Tangible, entertaining innovative sci-fi elements and character development formulate a good movie from minimal resources.

Give director, Daniel Raboldt a bigger budget, sky’s the limit.

★★ 1/2

Thriller, Sci-fi | Germany, 2019 | 15 | 23rd August 2021 (UK) | DVD, Digital | Reel 2 Reel Films | Dir.Daniel Raboldt | Stefan Ebel, Siri Nase, Nikolai Will

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