Film Interview – Weston Cage (Assault on Station 33)

Son of legendary Nicolas Cage, Weston Cage Coppola has crafted a name for himself in various unique, standout roles, including as a well-dressed Russian villain alongside an array of action star royalty.

In his own words Weston speaks proudly; Assault on Station 33, will help you disengage a little to be engaged in non-stop action combining gunfire with hand-to-hand combat. I believe it’s captivating and been a while since a movie had this kind of torque.

What a privilege it was to talk with Weston, an engaging, extremely humble, multi-talented individual.

Was it a challenge to do the Russian accent so convincingly.
WCAppreciate you found it authentic, I speak Russian so I just did my best to translate through the dialogue as a construct. Actually, I speak five languages, not fluent but can survive conversations.

Do you use that as an advantage to get projects.
WC I do. My grandpa was a polyglot, he spoke pretty much anything, I have a fraction of that.

In this you played the villain, he’s also fairly reasonable.
WC I feel the villain is more complex and dynamic, it was fun. He has the element of being understanding while defending his family.

And very well dressed.
WCHe has that sophistication about him, like a poisonous silk.

Do you have a say on independent projects on costume selection.
WC Depending on the director and relationship, sometime they know exactly what they want, on this we played with it a little, creating memories I carried with me as a character. We did agree on the ponytail manbun, no extensions, I keep it long

Spoiler alert, you get shot by Michael Jai White, a legendary talent.
WCAbsolutely he is an incredible actor, what a way to go right. Everyone was terrific to work with, Sean Patrick Flanery and director Chris Ray, a pleasure.

Do they help you do your thing more effectively because of their professionalism and confidence on-set.
WCI just transform, it is nice working with high level people. I trained at Stella Adler Studio of Acting, a privileged experience.

Hate asking this but do you audition for projects or potentially does your name get you over the line for roles.
WCthat’s ok Shane, I went through the labyrinth, paid my dues, a lot of work. High expectations and hard times but proved myself which I’m glad I did it the organic way, the right way.

Is acting a job to you, or more of a life journey the older you are.
WCmore of a journey but for me art is everything, if I’m not in catharsis or providing entertainment or telling a story or giving life to something I feel I’m not doing what I was put on earth to do. I always have naturally made music and acted, also do martial arts.

I’m assuming outside of acting martial arts is a passion.
WC – yes, I won heavyweight champion in 2018 in Vegas receiving my master’s degree in Sambo, Russian martial arts. There were a couple of times I almost went full throttle only with fighting career but acting stayed true. I do want to keep it alive on film. Certain realistic martial arts aren’t really explored, such as European types.

Your obviously athletic, can you surf. I Surf.
WCI can’t surf the Australian level (laughs) I do enjoy the ocean. Australia is one of my favourite countries, I went to Lizard Island it’s wonderful.

Before covid did you consider roles globally if offered.
WCTotally international all countries considered I love travel. Bulgaria was wonderful to film 211 (movie) also Lord of War (Africa) when I was about thirteen.

You worked with amazing Lin Shaye (Get Gone) tell me about her.
WCvery professional, a wonderful person. It’s always an honour to work with thespians going for intention and realism such as Jesse Kove (D-Day) he is like a brother and that film is a triumph.

Why doesn’t your mum act any more, I enjoy her previous work.
WC I’m not sure why she doesn’t pursue it again, more of a recording artist now.

Do you have a favourite film your dad has made or a handful.
WC The ultimate is Face Off (1997) it’s incredibly complex, something about it is timeless to me, also, Kiss of Death (1995).

There’s talk of a sequel, maybe you can cameo.
WC that would be awesome Shane, I’ll do it (laughs)

ASSAULT ON STATION 33 now streaming (Free to Prime Video UK subscribers).