Watch UK Trailer For Josee, the Tiger and the Fish

We’ve all been told to follow our dreams at some point, but that can be easier said than done when the world deals us a bad hand. However, we can learn to understand and inspire each other with Josee, the Tiger and the Fish, and next month Anime Limited bring the anime to the UK, watch UK Trailer.

This is a heartwarming anime  is a  take on the classic short story by award-winning author Seiko Tanabe. Insisting on being called “Josee”, a character from her favourite book, Kumiko Yamamura is stubborn, unruly, and not even her thick Osakan accent can hide the sharpness of her tongue. However, she’s also trapped in a home ill-prepared for her disabilities and hidden away from a world she’s been told is full of hostile “tigers”. When she literally falls into the arms of aspirational college student Tsuneo Suzukawa, however, the two start to see the world and what they want from it in a whole new light in this uplifting romance that’s a refreshing change of pace for a studio mostly known for action anime like the UK box office smash-hit My Hero Academia: Heroes Rising.

With dreams of diving abroad, Tsuneo gets a job assisting Josee, an artist whose imagination takes her far beyond her wheelchair. But when the tide turns against them, they push each other to places they never thought possible, and inspire a love fit for a storybook.

Josee, the Tiger and the Fish will be released in selected cinemas across the UK and Ireland from 11th August 2021 (book tickets).