Watch The UK Trailer For The ParaPod – A Very British Ghost Hunt

I’d say dear chap Blue Finch Film Releasing have released the official Trailer for docu-comedy The ParaPod – A Very British Ghost Hunt. You won’t believe it… but he will, as skeptic and longtime believer Ian Boldsworth and Barry Dodds return for some more paranormal shenanigans this time on the big screen!

for this one a lifelong believer in the paranormal invites a hardwired skeptic on a road trip of the UK’s most famous haunted locations, in an attempt to convince him of the existence of ghosts. A journey of true discovery, shocks, emotional turmoil, hilarious conflict and a bewildering climax.

I’ve never listened to the podcast, the popularity must be massive that they have made a feature film. Looks a treat for fans of the podcast, never know might win a whole load of new fans too.

After 3.5 million podcast downloads, sold-out live shows and hit specials, get ready to go on the road with hardwired skeptic Ian Boldsworth. Follow as he goes head-to-head with lifelong believer Barry Dodds to discover the truth about the supernatural.

Taking to the roads of the UK in a souped-up hearse, they visit the UK’s most haunted village, the home of the world’s most violent poltergeist, the underground labyrinths of Edinburgh, and everywhere in between. What follows is a rollercoaster of conflict and hilarity, as Barry tries – with increasing desperation – to find the proof to convince his cynical friend that ghosts are real.

The ParaPod – A Very British Ghost Hunt is coming to UK cinemas this September and on VOD from 27th September.