Watch The UK Trailer For Michael Franco’s Dystopian ‘New Order’


Ahead of it’s UK release in August, MUBI have released the UK Trailer for Michael Franco‘s disturbing dystopian thriller New Order.

With this year’s Cannes Film Festival now ended boutique distributor/Streaming service MUBI have some exciting releases lined up. With the likes of Annette, Memoria, Bernadetta, Bergmann’s Island coming our way, finally those titles who should have been out last year are soon to be released like Franco’s film.

The film has been gathered some fantastic reviews. It looks dark, intense and brutal that looks at the depiction of the lower classes of Mexico. The class divide seen at a wedding for a very wealthy upper class couple, an universal acceptance anyone of lower class must show towards high class.

This maybe a film looking at one particular country, sadly class divide is even more apparent nowadays worldwide including our doorsteps. unflinching, disturbing potentially controversial look at class.

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When the lavish upper-class wedding of two affluent citizens is suddenly interrupted by violent rioters who take their house by siege, it soon becomes apparent that this seemingly random attack is part of a nationwide working class uprising. As seen through the eyes of the sympathetic young bride Marianne (Naian Gonzalez Norvind) and the servants who work for – and against – her wealthy family, New Order breathlessly traces the collapse of one political system as a more harrowing replacement arises.

With parallels drawn to Bong Joon-ho’s Parasite, Franco’s latest is a terrifying edge-of-your- seat commentary on the haves and have-nots of modern-day Mexico. New Order blends political allegory with an all-too-recognisable dystopian brutality that is subversive and disturbing in equal measure.

The film stars Naian González Norvind, Diego Boneta, Mónica del Carmen, Fernando Cuautle, Darío Yazbek, Roberto Medina, Patricia Bernal, Lisa Owen, and Enrique Singer.

New Order will be released in UK and Irish cinemas on 13th August. Then from 10th September it will be released exclusively on MUBI.