Trust No One Korean Thriller Beasts Clawing At Straws UK Trailer

Last summer we brought you the American Trailer  for Dark and wickedly entertaining, Korean crime thriller Beasts Clawing at Straws. Today Blue Finch Film Releasing reveal the film’s UK Trailer  that finds a variety of low-lives trying to outwit each other. As they scheme, lie and murder to make money and save their own skin.

The film is led by some of Korea’s finest stars including Jung Woo-sung (The Good the Bad and the Weird), Jeon Do-yeon (Secret Sunshine) and 2021 Academy Award® Winner Youn Yuh-jung (Minari).

So glad to see this one finally get a UK release. It make be bit of an oddball, we love the noir edge to this one plus it’s comes with much acclaim since it’s premiere at Rotterdam Film Festival 2020.

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Downtrodden Joong-man barely gets by working at a sauna and taking care of his sick mother until he finds a bag full of cash in the locker room which offers him a shot at a better life. Conniving Tae-young is in deep with a psychotic loan shark after his girlfriend runs off with the money he borrowed. Cunning Mi-ran is caught between her violent husband and a dead-end job in a seedy hosted club, until she finds a young lover who’s willing to kill for her…

The destinies of these hard-luck grifters and troubled souls slowly converge as they scheme their way towards striking it rich or saving their necks. Without any of them realising it, a dog-eat-dog game has begun.

Winner of the prestigious ‘Tiger Award’ at International Film Festival Rotterdam, the directorial debut of Yong Hoon-Kim is a deliciously twisted black comedy that’s packed with surprises and features a top cast of Korean talent including Jung Woo-sung (Steel Rain, Asura), Jeon Do-yeon (The Housemaid), Bae Sung-woo (Veteran), Jeong Man-sik (The Tiger), and 2021 Best Supporting Actress Academy Award® Winner Youn Yuh-jung (Minari).

Blue Finch Film Releasing will release Beasts Clawing At Straws in the UK on Curzon Home Cinema from 13th August and on Digital Download 23rd August.