Film Review – The Green Sea (2021)

Abstract storytelling told across seven chapters with epilogue.

Written and directed by proficient Randal Plunkett, successfully capturing a redemption tale building to an impactful closing stanza, totally elevated by compelling lead duo; Katherine Isabelle (Ginger Snaps – trilogy), Hazel Doupe (Float like a Butterfly – 2018).

Former metal musician, best-selling author Simone (Isabelle) remains on an annoying self-depreciating and destructive drinking lifestyle whilst still attempting to write the book sequel, six years later.

She suffers from nightmare visions that may or may not be reality either past, present or future.

Simone also has a reputation around town driven by serious past, personal family issues of an ex-husband and daughter, all contributing to major instability working or self-control turning to the bottle for moments of clarity.

Another night of debauchery at a local club, she sadly drinks and drives, going onto hitting a teen girl. Feeling guilty and worried about getting caught, Simone takes the girl home to potentially sleep off any injuries then returning her home the next day.

The girl with no name, a potential runaway labelled ‘The Kid’ actually sticks around after being given an ultimatum by jittery Isabelle to do cleaning around her work space hovel, an extremely unkept country house.

Barely speaking at first, The Kid forms an unlikely bond with her host, although things don’t seem quite right.
Veering off into slightly bold, science-fiction territory, questions are posed; who is this girl – where is she from?

Both leads first-rate, holding solid chemistry.

Angelic, Hazel Doupe, one to watch.

Unknown to me Dermot Ward, as friendly mechanic Justin, quietly effective when left shattered on a first-date with Simone.

Remote Irish woods and seaside locations enhance atmosphere. Gradually potent character study is appealing for off-beat tastes, well worth watching to support quality independent filmmaking.

Drama, Mystery | Ireland, 2021 | 15 | 12th July 2021 (UK) | Video On Demand | Reel2Reel Films/TCG | Dir.Randal Plunkett | Katherine Isabelle , Hazel Doupe, Jenny Dixon, Dermot Ward, Michael Parle, Zeb Moore

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