Film Review – Lapsis (2021)

In the general realm of ever-evolving technology, unusual science fiction satire with dramatic poise, Lapsis, follows a gig economy of workers for mysterious cult like company Quantum, walking extensive fibre optic cables through forest terrain connecting to large cube power sources. Twists a plenty throughout, more intriguing than you may think for an independent contractor romp.

Enthusiastic delivery driver Ray (an extremely good, Dean Imperial) decides to leave his dodgy airport courier position mostly due to a need of extra cash for support of an ailing little brother from a chronic fatigue illness.

Deciding on a whim to become an on-foot cabler, Ray knows little about tech which doesn’t stop him being abruptly recruited and sent for an introduction weekend of connecting cords deep throughout the woods.

Funny business from the beginning seems to be all around Ray, the company monitor their every step with rest denied until certain distances are covered. They also compete with automated crawling robots to help the employees keep up the required pace.

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Chirpy workers seem to be hiding something, or react morbidly when finding out Ray is somehow being paid more dollars due to unknowingly been allocated someone else’s trail name identity.

With paranoia and conspiracies in mind but the wellbeing of his brother a priority, Ray soldiers on and actually makes a friend, Anna (Madeline Wise) whom has written a case study on Quantum and competing telecommunication associations exploiting workers.

There’s a retro edge to Lapsis, albeit a little incoherent remaining interesting and a somewhat suspenseful insight into human condition.

Out of my viewing life since folding of excellent series Crashing, the irrepressible Madeline Wise, is delightful as more than meets the eye, Anna. Unknown Imperial as Ray, is charismatic and relatable.

Look fast for iconic Arliss Howard (Full Metal Jacket) in a cameo, he’s the step dad of Director Noah Hutton, who’s real parents are Debra Winger (Terms Of Endearment) and Timothy Hutton (The Dark Half). Filmed across twenty-six days, this is a must-see oddity.


Sci-Fi, Mystery, Drama | USA, 2021 | 15 | 5th July 2021 (UK) | Digital HD | Signature Entertainment | Dir.Noah Hutton | Dean Imperial, Madeline Wise, Babe Howard, Arliss Howard, Ivory Aquino

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