Film Review – Girl (2020)

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An unnamed young woman alights off a bus to wander around a somewhat quiet small town looking for her long-estranged father to inflict revenge, however, when arriving at the family property she discovers him hanging from the barn rafters already dead.

Bewildered by the grisly incident, the girl (Bella Thorne) feels despondent that somebody beat her to the mission.
Not understanding why or who, she investigates certain locals and soon discovers secrets are disconcerting especially for the crooked Sheriff (Mickey Rourke) whom was creepily, briefly introduced upon first jumping off the bus.

Shocking town history lurks involving her family and a major vendetta for the Girl takes precedence towards the evil Sheriff and his annoying half-brother played by triple threat writer, director, talent Chad Faust.

Apparently, there’s a concealed bag of money also in the mix which may have led to the father’s execution.

Not all the townsfolk are backward, a friendly bartender helps her out outlaying advice and free beer, whilst distinct barfly, Betty (wonderful, Lanette Ware) also assists in hiding the girl from questionable law enforcement.

Never boring, Faust still stretches out his debut feature’s premise.

Bella Thorne, possesses underrated flair, this mature, scruffy, hardcore role complete with hatchet skills and convincing bad attitude demands attention. There’s a laundry scene of variable elevated, emotive acting skills by Bella, proving her top-notch Midnight Sun (2018) dramatic turn, among others, is no surprise to me.

Respectfully, despite his radical look, the great Mickey Rourke, always a compelling presence, he’s truly malicious here. Only known as Mama (Elizabeth Saunders channels Shelly Winters) in the closing stanza arriving on the scene with further sordid family history exposition. Eerie remoteness throughout enhances mood.

★★ 1/2

Thriller | USA, 2020 | 15 | Digital HD | Universal Pictures | Dir.Chad Faust | Bella Thorne, Mickey Rourke, Glen Gould, Elizabeth Saunders, Lanette Ware

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