Film Review – A Good Woman Is Hard To Find (2019)

Definitively immersing herself, an unequivocal Sarah Bolger as Sarah, outstandingly consumes her dark portrayal of a single mum grappling with the recent death of her husband whom was gunned down by criminals, that authorities never bothered to catch.

Out walking back from the supermarket with her young children around the vicinity of their England housing estate, arriving home they are all part of an unfortunate coincidence concerning a desperate drug thief running from dealers he just stole from.

Forcing himself in with a bag of contraband, jittery addict Tito (Andrew Simpson) stashes his score in the bathroom warning Sarah that she never saw him. He returns, happy to share profits with Sarah if she continues to hide the substance.

Upon one of his random visits, Tito admits to knowing her husband claiming to be a fellow dealer.

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Things escalate quicky ending with a fatality whilst it isn’t long before the owners of the stolen goods led by flamboyant underworld kingpin Leo (Edward Hogg), come full circle with Sarah.

Emotionally strung-out Sarah manages lower economic status whilst continuing to be the best mum she possibly can be to her loving children.

The youngest, Rudy, has not spoken since his father’s murder which he saw firsthand.

When her kids become involved in high pressure adult situations of confrontation, tension is accelerated.

The volcanic performance by Sarah Bolger, once seen not forgotten. It begins from her striking opening scene to the enormity of an evocative finale outcome of extremities beyond her character’s comfort zone. An exceptional thriller.


Crime, Thriller| Northern Ireland, 2019 | 15 | 16th July 2021 (UK) | Prime Video | Signature Entertainment | Dir. Abner Pastoll | Sarah Bolger, Edward Hogg, Andrew Simpson, Jane Brennan

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