Watch The Kaleidoscopic Escher: Journey Into Infinity UK Trailer

Munro Films have released the Kaleidoscopic UK trailer for Escher: Journey Into Infinity. The film is narrated by Stephen Fry, the first complete feature documentary about Dutch graphic artist M.C. Escher’s life and work, is coming to UK cinemas in August.

Escher was a fascinating artist, one of those greats that mixed traditional art with graphic art. The film promises to dive into the mind of Escher and try understand his brilliant mind.

Told in Escher’s own words, drawn from a rich cornucopia of letters, diaries and lectures written in his lifetime, the film offers an exploration of the fascinating man whose legacy continues to influence popular culture today.

Filmmaker Robin Lutz says, “We get under his skin and come as close as possible to meet and understand this great graphic artist. The camera is Escher’s eye!”

“Escher wrote, “I fear that there is only one person in the world who could make a really good movie about my prints: myself.” And that is exactly what Escher is doing in this movie: he is the director, not literally but symbolically.”

The film includes interviews with Escher’s sons George and Jan, as well as musician, and collector of Escher’s work, Graham Nash (Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young). The film has been described by Variety as ‘an art book that comes to life’, referencing the clever use of animating Escher’s work.

British mathematician Sir Roger Penrose, Nobel Laureate in Physics and Emeritus Professor of mathematics at Oxford University, is the patron of the film. Sir Roger has a long-standing interest in and connection with M.C. Escher, and is said to have given Escher ideas for some of his world-famous prints.

Escher: Journey Into Infinity will be released in UK cinemas  from 13th August.