Sunday Short Theatre – Little Waves (2018)

Our little planet is an ever changing place to live, sometimes for the worse other times for good. Life in general can be wonderful as well as terrifying thing as we grow learning new things and experience. Becoming an adult brings a whole lot of experiences and in Ariane Louis-Seize‘s Little Waves, who who lot of experiences in one night.

This 12 minute French Canadian provocative short stars Alexandra Sicard as Amélie. She loves her cousin, she is her first crush but when that cousin comes to a family reunion her world comes tumbling down. He brings his new girlfriend, Amélie was unprepared as she attempts to keep herself composed. That composure becomes threatened until her dreams become fantasies unearthing new experiences.

Many of us can say we’ve been there, our first crush ripping our heart in pieces. Our mindset going in a million different directions making you feel lonely and isolated. This film is not necessarily a film of about romance, more sexual discovery from a young woman perspective. Those experiences maybe sexual and you may think they are strange, at first but as we get older they are normal.

Amélie is caught off-guard when her favorite cousin brings his new girlfriend to the family reunion. The couple’s passion threatens to overwhelm her until Amélie’s fantasies take over, introducing her to some powerful new sensations

The film also stars Jules Roy Sicotte, Véronique Gallant, and Martin Desgagné.

source: Vimeo Picks