Neil Blomkamp’s Demonic First Trailer Is ‘Exorcised’!

We also have details of the UK release!

Neil Blomkamp‘s filmography has certainly been a unique one. From his breakout film District 9 a unique spin on the ‘alien visitors’ films, Elysium brought dystopian class struggle. Chappie his last film was divisive all sci-fi films with different degrees of success. 5 years later we learn about the South African filmmaker has a mysterious ‘horror’ coming out, which we know is Demonic, today we get a look at the film’s first (U.S) Trailer!

The film is a change in genre for Blomkamp moving into horror and he’s summoned one crazy, ‘demonic’ entity! The film follows a young woman who seems to be unable to unleash demons from a comatose serial killer.

The film won’t be an exact departure from science fiction , it clashes with horror. It seems the young woman’s family has a dark past which will be explored all thanks to her estranged mother.

The trailer below was exclusively released by Fandango. However our good friends at Signature Entertainment have tipped us off that they will be releasing the film in the UK in August. They have sent us a couple of images, the UK synopsis and most importantly the UK release date . You can find that date at the bottom of this post after you watch the trailer, off course we’ll bring you the UK version when we get it…

Demonic is the first feature film from renowned genre director Neill Blomkamp since 2015’s Chappie. Acclaimed director and writer Blomkamp exploded onto the film world with District 9 in 2009, which was produced by Peter Jackson and nominated for four Academy Awards™ including Best Picture. Between those two releases came 2013’s hit science fiction epic Elysium starring Matt Damon. Demonic is a supernatural possession horror which follows a young woman who unleashes a terrifying demon as she enters the mind of her comatose, serial killer mother.

The much anticipated new feature stars Carly Pope (Elysium), Chris William Martin (The Vampire Diaries), Nathalie Boltt (District 9) and Michael J. Rogers (Beyond the Black Rainbow).

Signature Entertainment’s Demonic will be released in UK Cinemas and on Premium Digital from 27th August, one week after the USA.