Film Review – Parallel (2018)

The fragments of time looping and alternative universes collide for a group of friends who discover a mirror has two faces, within a secret room of their share house that when tilted at the correct angle, becomes a portal into a blended mulit-dimension.

Interesting opening scenes with the great Kathleen Quinlan (Apollo 13, Event Horizon) seem puzzling, however in-turn sets-up the mirror discovery later by four Seattle housemates whom have fun to begin with jumping in and out, leading to changing bits of history unduly, for both good and evil.

This alternate world is not completely parallel or identical and mere seconds in their universe amounts to much longer on the other side.

There’s also a ‘viewfinder’ type device that scans the entire interior of the alternate house preventing them bumping into ‘themselves’.

The time jumping quad, Devin (Aml Ameen), Josh (Mark O’Brien), Leena (Georgia King) with the most unpredictable of the group Noel (Martin Wallstrom), live out dreams, desires, career opportunities, mostly letting power and money change their self-identities to extremes.

This energetic cast are commendable. Alyssa Diaz lights up some brief scenes, also look fast for the irrepressible Shannon Chan-Kent, in an important cameo.

Camera angles and colour palettes change within, mirror world.

Reminding me slightly in tone and enjoyable as underappreciated, Project Almanac (2015), Parallel, complements a never-ending time travel sub-genre, mixing it with effective horror including an awesomely gross, finale set piece concerning a purposely tilted, mirror.

Rough around the edges, director Isaac Ezban has achieved a fortitude of intrigue and compliments to wardrobe who supplied Georgia King, the sleek sparkly emerald dress worn at the gallery.


Sci-fi, Drama | USA, 2018 | 15 | Digital Download, DVD | 101 Films | Dir. Isaac Ezban | Aml Ameen, Martin Wallström, Georgia King, Alyssa Diaz, Kathleen Quinlan

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