A Ride Share From Hell For AJ Bowen In Night Drive Trailer

Dark Sky Films are a big force in the horror genre, for their next film they head into thriller with Night Drive. They have released the official Trailer for the upcoming film, a ride share driver’s life is turned upside down after an unexpected series of misfortunes.

Directed by Bradford Baruh (John Dies at the End, Dead Night) with Meghan Leon (Dead Night) and along for the ride is genre star A.J Bowen. He’s play a man whose life is in a downward spiral all thanks to a series of bad decisions. Things are about to get a lot worse as well as complicated when he picks up a ride share, Charlotte (Sophie Dalah). Taking him to some truly dark places or is it second chance saloon?

This has a big Collateral vibe to it, with lashings of dark humour thrown in too.

Russell (AJ Bowen) is a driver in Los Angeles who’s reeling from a series of bad decisions. While his life seems to be caught in a downward spiral, a business proposition from an alluring but enigmatic passenger named Charlotte (Sophie Dalah) proves too good to turn down. A simple ride turns deadly, catapulting Russell into an even darker place, but Charlotte may be the key to a second chance he thought he’d never have…if he can make it through the night.

Surprising at every turn and with a wickedly dark sense of humor, directors Meghan Leon’s and Bradford Baruh’s Night Drive is an unforgettably shocking ride-along with a seemingly normal man and the most abnormal of passengers.

The film also stars Reba Buhr.

Night Drive is set for a limited cinema and VOD release in the U.S. There is no word on who and when this will be released in the UK and Ireland, with this being a Dark Sky Film we have a sneaky suspicion this may play a certain Arrow Video Frightfest at the end of August in London.