You Can’t Go Back In UK Trailer For Sci-Fi indie Parallel

What if you found a doorway to infinite possibilities? What would you do? How far would you go? 101 Films have released the UK Trailer for indie sci-fi Parallel teases if you go too far, you can’t go back!

Thrilling new sci-fi adventure Parallel explores just that. This thrill-ride from director Isaac Ezban (The Incident, Barbarous Mexico), in his English language directorial debut.

The film follows a group of friends who discover a parallel universe and with it the key to limitless power… but with it comes deep darkness and immorality.

Premiering at Fantastic Film Festival, Belgium, and subsequently screening at FrightFest Halloween in London, leaving with some solid positive reviews. Do like the set up  that reminds me if  Narnia was in a Twilight Zone episode…

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This slick what-if thriller sees a close-kit group of 20-somethings stumble upon a portal to the multiverse. As they come to terms with this life-changing discovery, they’re soon playing with fate as they use the knowledge to influence their lives and fortunes.

As they push the limits of possibility, the stakes get higher and higher…with dangerous consequences. Will they become victims of their own success?

This spellbinding suspense drama transcends the boundaries of sci-fi thriller and will have your heart pounding until the very last minute.

The cast includes The film stars Aml AmeenMartin WallströmGeorgia KingMark O’BrienAlyssa Diaz, with David Harewood and Kathleen Quinlan.

Parallel will be released  in the UK and Ireland  on DVD as well as  digital from 14th June.