20 April 2024

Watch UK Trailer For Shock Wave: Hong Kong Destruction Starring Andy Lau

Cinephiles know Hong Kong cinema was a hotspot for some of the best actioned packed crime thrillers. In Shock Wave: Hong Kong Destruction they might just know how to deliver explosive action blockbusters too!

Next month Trinity CineAsia will release the the acclaimed blockbuster sequel to Herman Yau’s 2017 box office hit Shock Wave. Today get teased with the film’s UK Trailer as Andy Lau attempts to save  Hong Kong  and find out who he really is.

Lau has been called the ‘Tom Cruise of the east’, fans of Chinese cinema know he’s much more than that. For this film he does have Mr Cruise’s MI shoes on as bomb disposal officer Poon Shing Fung. Recovering from injuries  as Hong Kong is hit by a series of bombings. and  found unconscious at one of the bombings.  Is he responsible ? He goes on the run to uncover the truth…

After suffering life changing injuries in the line of duty, bomb disposal officer Poon Shing Fung (Andy Lau, Infernal Affairs, House of Flying Daggers) turns his back on the police. But when a devastating series of bombings sweep Hong Kong, the police suspect their former ally may be involved after he is found unconscious at a crime scene. Now faced with memory loss and recalling only fragments of his former life, Fung sets out to uncover the truth and find out who he really is.

Written and directed by cult cinema legend Herman Yau (The Untold Story, Ip Man: Final Fight) and co-starring Sean Lau (Call of Heroes), Ni Ni (The Flowers of War) and Philip Keung (Sheep Without a Shepherd), Shock Wave: Hong Kong Destruction is a must-see blockbuster full of twists, turns and explosive action from start to finish.

The film also stars Sean Lau, Ni Ni, and Philip Keung.

Trinity CineAsia will release Shock Wave: Hong Kong Destruction in the UK on Blu-ray and DVD from 7th June and Digital on 14th June.

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