Sunday Short Theatre – Tangles and Knots (2018)


When it comes to life and parents and their children, you will always hope both have a very close relationship. We know sadly that’s not always the case, but when they are close we do hope they could confine with each other. In this week’s Sunday Short Theatre, Renée Marie PetropoulosTangles and Knots, a mother daughter relationship is tested.

Sometimes kids complain that parents don’t give them the freedom to chose their friends even lovers. This short from Australian filmmaker showcases a time when a parent gives the freedom. The pair acting as if they were best of friends rather than mother and daughter. We can see their unique from the start of the film and at university Petropoulos wanted to share her passion for that relationship as well as female driven stories.

This unflinching 16 minute film, Michelle and her daughter Laura relationship is very close. To a point you could say they act like they are friends more, Michelle believes her daughter is no longer a little girl. She wants her to gain more friends, become more popular and decides to throw a Pool party for her. Young persons dream, but when the alcohol starts to flow, things take a dark turn for the worse.

University can also expand your views make you think outside the box. This film (which premiered at 2018 Berlinale) is based on Petropoulos own experiences with her mother. Highlighting that bond may look strong on the surface level, it’s also very flawed. The relationships are at times complex, in this one the relationship feels authentic opening the door to explore themes. Sexuality, motherhood, toxic masculinity and sexual assault and dangers our characters or in general women/girls could face at any age.

Life can be cathartic. Respect each other.

A unique, intimate bond between mother and daughter becomes threatened when the mother helps her teenage daughter throw a party to impress new, more popular friends.
Source: Directors Notes