March 21, 2023

Sunday Short Theatre – Hobby (2020)


Lets be honest there is no true that could describe what was the year 2020. We all look forward to that day when the words Lockdown, pandemic even Covid-19 won’t be spoken about regularly and if we do they will be referred to in the past tense. Life came to a standstill, those things we took for granted  no longer possible and when your locked up in your home with very little to do we need  something to do. Off course hobbies  came into force and this week’s Sunday Short Theatre Hobby has a fun look at those ‘hobbies’ that flourished…and failed!

Colin Read directs this 4 minute short film looks at all those hobbies we took up to defeat boredom even loneliness. Did fulfil happiness?  Some probably did  many we spent much money on them for many to gather dust in some cupboard in your home or flat. What ever happened, we have found awe have a new skill or talent, others frustrated that passtime just left you even more frustrated. Even they were  a ‘failure’ at least we tried.

I tried myself at baking , I failed in some  many others the final product shocked me at how good they turned out. This little film we can all relate to it’s message, genuinely a new skill was born or simply we’re one of those tone deaf contestants on X-Factor think we can truly sing, but we can’t.

The one thing this pandemic made us do is adapt. When those things  we couldn’t get, it made us be more creative think outside the box. With Read he used a gimbal, a wheelchair, and an iPhone!

A short film about the new hobbies we started while locked down over the past year, in a search for fulfillment…and their failures. An Adobe Pocket Film. Shot on iPhone

Source: Short Film Of The Week