First Look Images For Netflix’s Lupin Part 2

We are eagerly waiting the next instalment for Netflix‘s Lupin, the streaming giants tease u with some first look images from Part 2.

Omar Sy is our gentleman thief Assane Lupin the professional thief. Lupin Part 2 is set pick up and hopefully answer they big massive cliffhanger from Part 1. Assane is determined to seek revenge on Hubert Pellegrini. With vengeance on his mind, his actions may put his closest friends in even more danger. Will he rescue his son? This isn’t a game anymore!

Lupin Part 1 launched at the start of 2021 and took everyone by surprise at how good it was. According to the figures it was Netflix’s best French language original series, with figures of 70 million subscribers checking the series out. If these figures are correct we wouldn’t be surprised if if Lupin Part 2 matches that or go one better!

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This isn’t a game anymore.

Assane’s quest for revenge against Hubert Pelligrini has torn his family to pieces. With his back to the wall, he now has to think of a new plan, even if it means putting himself in danger.

The series cast includes Hervé Pierre, Nicole Garcia, Clotilde Hesme, Ludivine Sagnier, Antoine Gouy, Shirine Boutella, Soufiane Guerrab

There’s still no official release date for Lupin Part 2, Netflix are still saying ‘Coming Summer‘. If we  go by the gossip June possibly could be the month.