Final Wave Of Films For Chinese Cinema Season Revealed

It’s been a great three months  if your a fan of Chinese Cinema Season  and now the season is in it’s final week.  The final trio of films have been announced which sees Hong Kong  threatened with nuclear destruction. Suspenseful thriller, that pre-empts the MeToo movement and a film that bravely tackles the taboo subject of gay love in China.


International star Andy Lau (Infernal Affairs, House of Flying Daggers) teams up for a second outing with veteran Hong Kong director-producer Herman Yau, for Shock Wave 2. This sequel follows the huge success of the original Shock Wave in 2017, which reached an epic worldwide box-office of US$ 193m.

In Shock Wave 2, Andy Lau is back on the streets of Hong Kong as a bomb disposal expert, Poon, now suspected of involvement in a series of terrorist attacks. Not only has he survived a bomb blast in which he lost a leg, but he has been left high and dry by his own team. Meanwhile his shadowy ex-girlfriend is hiding a sinister truth and seems to be behind a conspiracy bent on destroying Hong Kong | Rent here

ANGELS WEAR WHITE (2017)  * UK & Ireland Online Premiere *

In a quiet seaside resort in Southeast China, a young girl, Mia, witnesses the assault of two schoolgirls. Recording the CCTV footage with her mobile phone, Mia’s actions unleash a tale of squalid corruption that’s both gripping and devastating. A suspenseful thriller that pre-empts the MeToo movement.

Vivian Qu’s ground-breaking portrait of women in contemporary China was called “a searing tale of moral rot in China” in the New York Times. | Rent Here


Once again, Lou Ye bravely tackles the taboo subject of gay love, after the lengthy sex scenes and backdrop of the Tiananmen Square massacre earned him a 5 year-ban from filmmaking. Shot in secret, Spring Fever is a tragic tale of young men struggling to have gay relationships against a backdrop of repression and societal pressure to lead a heterosexual lifestyle; in 2001 homosexuality was deemed a psychological disorder by the Chinese mental health authorities.

When travel agent Jiang Cheng and bookish Wang Ping set eyes on each other they are smitten. Stealing moments together when they can – in the woods, at the back of the bookstore – their relationship swiftly ends when Wang’s wife hires a private detective to reveal her husband’s adultery. So ensues a tale of lust and tragedy as each of the players tries to live out their dreams, even at the cost of the other’s. | Rent Here

More info on the films as well as tickets can be purchased now at this link: