Film Review – My Fair Lady (4K, 1964)

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Confirmed bachelor Professor Henry Higgins (Rex Harrison) is a skilled linguist and is sick of the way that the English speak. Then one day in Covent Garden he meets Colonel Hugh Pickering (Wilfred Hyde-White) who proposes a wager that he cannot get turn an ordinary woman into a well mannered and correctly speaking member of high society in the space of six months.

Eliza Doolittle (Audrey Hepburn) is a flower girl who’s poor and constantly at the beck and call of her father, Alfred (Stanley Holloway). Her father sees her as a way to make his own life better and he’s always trying to get money out of her, but Eliza wants a better life. Realising that the way she speaks is holding her back in life, she goes to see Professor Higgins and presents herself to be the subject of his wager. Backed by wealthy benefactor Colonel Pickering, Eliza and Professor Higgins get to work turning Eliza into a lady.

My Fair Lady is the Oscar winning classic adapted from the hit musical and George Bernard Shaw’s play, Pygmalion. Having been told before with The Taming of The Shrew and later with films such as Pretty Woman and She’s All That, My Fair Lady is a unique take on a familiar tale, filled with songs that many still know well today and some less familiar.

Somewhat overshadowed perhaps by Mary Poppins which won Julie Andrews the best actress Oscar over Audrey Hepburn, Rex Harrison and Hepburn still give great performances and on Oscar night it won more by far. However, those who know will realise how much Andrews coveted Eliza Doolittle, so perhaps in the end both were happy.

Out now on 4K blu-ray for the first time, My Fair Lady has been lovingly restored and with special features looking back at the making of the film that are bound to please ardent fans. The scenes with the famous songs are even highlighted in the scene selection so you can choose what songs you like and sing along.

My Fair Lady is a film that works on many levels and holds up well with audiences even today, even though the time without Hepburn’s presence may seem to drag a little. However, even if you’ve never seen My Fair Lady, seeing it for the first time may feel like you’ve known it all along.

Drama, Family | USA, 1964 | U | 4K UHD Blu-Ray | 24th May 2021 (UK0 | Paramount Pictures HE | Dir. George Cukor | Rex Harrison, Audrey Hepburn, Gladys Cooper, Stanley Holloway, Wilfrid Hyde-White | Buy 4K

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