Bong Joon-Ho’s Next Film Action Horror Animation?

Unless your name is Trump, 2020 many celebrated the success of Korean filmmaker Bong Joon-Ho‘s Parasite at the Oscars. After that success, you become curious to see what they will be making next, it seems that project will be an action packed horror animation.

Screen Daily are reporting the that film will be a Korean Language with be an animation about humans and deep water creatures. He will create the CGI animation with Korean animation company 4th Creative Party. Joon-Ho is no stranger to that company whom he has worked with on some of his previous films including Snowpiercer, Okja, and Mother. They have also worked Park Chan-wook’s Old Boy, Stoker and The Handmaiden.

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Bong Joon-Ho has been working on this project since 2018, with the finished script apparently finish in January this year. Very little is known about what the film plot will be all about. What we did learn is that it will be about “an invertebrate deep-sea-fish who thinks himself has an inter-vertebral disc”.

If we go by the traditions of Asian animation they’ll be great chance  of a dubbed English language version. Reports say the director has already approached the cast, who that will be hasn’t been disclosed yet.

It seems this animation won’t be the only film he’ll be working on. He is working on a English language film which is set to take place between the UK and USA. It will be based around an undisclosed true event from 2016 which could be his next directorial effort. If he’s working on both films we would not at all surprised if some of the cast may voice the characters in the English dubbed version of the animation!

Director Bong is extremely busy with him working on the TV version of Parasite for HBO. He will be a producer on immigration drama Sea Fog.