May 28, 2023

Angela Robinson Set To Direct Tony Scott’s The Hunger Remake?


When it comes to cult classics, the notion of remaking or even continuing the story to many will be an unforgivable crime. You will be treading on eggshells especially as some of those films mistakes that make people adore, others should be left alone. Some would say that about Tony Scott’s  arthouse romantic horror The Hunger starring David Bowie, Susan Sarandon, and Catherine DeNeuve.

Deadline are reporting Warner Bros are set to remake the 1983 film that opened the door to the bright lights of Hollywood. The film will be directed by Angela Robinson  who directed Professor Marston and the Wonder Women, report stating the filmmaker is in the final stages. She will be joined by Jessica Sharzer (A Simple Favour), who will write the script with Greg Berlanti and Sarah Schechter will produce.

Bowie and Deneuve  play John and Miriam Blaylock aging vampires  who have been lovers for over a 1000 years. However that eternal life Miriam promised John seems to be failing , they turn to Sarah (Sarandon) a doctor researching premature ageing.

The burning question will be who will play the films 3 leading characters? No cast has been announced yet, but could someone like Luke Evans , Rebecca Hall both worked for Robinson before? The casting of Bowie and Deneuve was a highlight could they replicate  that casting? Or could Robinson go for an all female couple? Or even based on Whitley Strieber’s 1981 novel of the same name

Here’s the official Synopsis...
Sensual vampire story stars rock legend David Bowie as an ailing vampire whose fanged-lover, Catherine Deneuve, seduces a mortal (Academy Award winner Susan Sarandon) while seeking a new partner in this stylishly gothic tale of a undying beauty, unending passion and their terrible cost — The Hunger. Centuries-old Egyptian vampire Miriam (Deneuve) and her centuries-old lover, John (Bowie), feed on urban nightclub goers. But, while Miriam can bestow a very long life on her lovers, she cannot grant them her immortality. When John starts to rapidly age, Miriam seduces Sarah (Sarandon), a doctor researching premature aging.

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