“You Can’t See It Coming” In The Lockdown Hauntings New Trailer

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How do you stop a serial killer who’s already dead?” In the latest UK Trailer for paranormal horror thriller The Lockdown Hauntings you won’t see it coming, as you can’t see it!

Starring the Candyman himself Tony Todd no stranger to the genre along side Angela Dixon who is no stranger to the director’s filmography Howard J Ford. The film is set during the first Lockdown and is a fast-paced mix of paranormal horror and detective thriller, that sees the evil spirit of a dead serial killer stalking his victims who are stuck in their homes alone during the Covid epidemic.

During a global lockdown the streets are empty, free from activity of humans, it is not just nature that takes advantage of this unprecedented time. Spirits are free to roam, some with evil intent and one, a notorious serial killer, is back from the dead.

Can the paranormal experts and detectives piece together how to prevent more young women, isolated and alone during lockdown, from becoming another victim of The Lockdown Hauntings?

The film also stars Heather Peace, Jon Campling, and Justin Hayward. The Lockdown Hauntings will be released in the UK and Ireland from 3rd May from all major Digital Platforms.