‘We’re Cursed’ In Exclusive New Threshold Clip

Next month over at ARROW one of the big highlights will be Powell Robinson and Patrick R Young’s Threshold. Ahead of next month’s anticipated channel premiere, Arrow Films have sent us over and exclusive clip.

The indie horror thriller tells the story of a pair of siblings embarking on a voyage of discovery. All thanks to a call out of the blue a brother returns home to find his sister in the midst of a overdose, or is she possessed?

The 2 minute clip entitled ‘I’m Cursed‘ we see our siblings chatting at a coffee shop. Virginia is about to tell her brother, it’s not the drugs, she might be cursed…

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When a phone call from out of the blue brings Leo (Joey Millin) back into contact with his sister, Virginia (Madison West), long estranged from her family due to years of drug abuse, he arrives to find her alone in a bare apartment in the midst of an apparent overdose. After the convulsions and nausea subside, Virginia insists to Leo that she has been clean for 8 months due to the help of a mysterious group. She confides to her cynical brother that her edginess and paranoia actually stem from a sinister ritual conducted by the group that took her in at her lowest and eventually revealed themselves to be a cult. This curse bound her emotions and physical sensations to a man she has never met before.

With his marriage on the rocks, Leo has his own demons to face. Nonetheless, he is reluctantly persuaded by Virginia to embark on a cross-country road trip to track down this shadowy stranger under the caveat that if he’s nowhere to be found and it’s all in her head, she’ll go to rehab. However, as their date with destiny draws nearer, Leo begins to suspect his sister’s tall tale might have some substance.

The film stars Joey Millin, Nadine Sondej-Robinson, Daniel Abraham Stevens, John Terrell  and Madison West.

Threshold will exclusively premiere on ARROW in the UK, USA and Canada from 3rd May.