Sunday Short Theatre – Breathe!

Anyone for a game of cards? How about a game of cards that would save your life? This week’s Sunday Short Theatre the participants might have the booze the cigars and addictively rich food in Breathe! You need to win to live!

This week’s short film comes from Germany Matthias Kreter and Max Breuer. Both students of the Filmakademie in Baden-Württemberg and they take us into a very grim future with this 9 minute science fiction short.

We know gambling can be dangerous if you become addicted to it even more dangerous when you play to survive literally. In this one we have a group of card players play away, all taking swigs of oxygen which seems connected to the little green tree in the middle. That tree is protected by a dome, if you lose you get no swigs ever again.

The filmmakers say their film mirrors society nowadays. We keep using resources until they run and we continue with life as if nothing has happened. We do get a glimpse of what happens when that previous resource ends, making a film a character study of sorts. A study of compassion, greed and egoism, climate change anyone?

Whiskey, cigars and rich food paired with playing cards. The obvious frame of a stylish and comfortably get-together. However in this case the attendees do not play for fun and their standing but for their own life.

Source: Film Shortage