Film Review – Red Rage (2021)

An erratic, ambitious British drug induced saga following intertwined adventures of addicts, dealers and assassins around bleak city underworld locales is not for all tastes.

In fact, the opening twenty-five minutes felt like an hour with few redeemable elements or characters, only eventually unfolding into mildly better scenarios leading to a terrific, surprise finale.

Is it worth the wait…? Possibly yes if perversion and illegal narcotic life is of interest.

Well dressed, armed to the hilt, Ella And Oscar Knight (Fernanda Diniz, Jack Turner) are on a mission from god after a vision leading them to take it upon themselves to rid the users and suppliers of dusty new designer drug, Red Devil.

The high body count they inflict acts as a kind of revolution, all leading to in demand dealer Hugo (Ian Reddington) sitting on top hydroponic tree.

Prosaic performances aplenty, ‘acting’ sparks do fly between Hugo and slick cowboy best friend Gabriel (Matt Lapinskas), they become an inspired, memorable double act.

Select music plays a part in certain scenes, opera and classical style score enhances mood, slightly.

In-between are the exploits of various pimps and ladies of the night around undesirables keen to get a hit of the low in supply red devil.

Actual story coherency is minimal, even an extended cameo by legendary Steven Berkoff reciting a monologue manages to be monotonous.

Obvious potential exists within writer – director, Savvas D. Michael, as much as a struggle as this was, I look forward to future projects.

★ 1/2

Crime, Drama | UK, 2019 | 15 | DVD, Digital Download | 19th April 2021 (UK) | Saints & Savages | Dir.Savvas D. Michael | Fernanda Diniz, Jack Turner, Adam Deacon, Steven Berkoff, Ian Reddington, Matt Lapinskas

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