Support Indie Film – Infinitum: Subject Unknown



Earlier this week Matthew Butler-Hart‘s indie sci-fi Infinitum: Subject Unknown played a virtual charity viewing ahead of it’s official release next week.

The low budget film stars Tori Butler-Hart (who also produces and written the script), Conleth Hill and Gandalf himself Ian McKellen. A story of trapped in a parallel universe and is forced to find a way to alter her reality before it is too late.

One thing this Lockdown has done for independent films it’s given the smaller film a bigger platform.  With things slowly moving, we shouldn’t forget the smaller films as they need your support ever more. No-small budget films are the lifebone of film in the same way lower league football teams feed their best plays to the top league.

Ian McKellen is one of those supporters and became a cast member. If you ever need any evidence that you don’t always need money to create  a fantastic film, check out Matthew Butler Hart’s film. Did I mention the film was created during the first UK lockdown and was shot on an iPhone 11…Support indie!

Check out the film’s Official Trailer…

The film follows Jane (Tori Butler-Hart) who wakes up in a strange attic, in a parallel world, with seemingly no way out. We soon realise that she is stuck in a time-loop, destined to relive the same day over and over with little memory of her doing it before.

But with each ‘reset’ she starts to remember more and begins to piece together what may be happening to her, with clues pointing to a Professor Aaron Ostergaard (Conleth Hill) and Dr. Charles Marland-White (Ian McKellen).

As she makes her way to the mysterious Wytness Quantum Research Centre to find a way to stop it, she begins to get glimpses into other worlds and other versions of herself. But each time she seems to be getting closer to an answer she is immediately reset back to the attic she fears, to once more start her journey to learn the truth.

As she travels from the city to the hidden research centre, she sees that the world is entirely empty. There is evidence that life was once here, houses, cars and zeppelins hovering above, but everything is boarded up and abandoned. At night however, Jane sees torches and helicopters in the distance and discovers that soldiers are searching for her, adding to her desperation to get to the research centre and look for answers that
might send her home.

Once inside the centre the laws of time become erratic and Jane sees glimpses of people who are clearly living in another world, but whose actions are having an influence on the one she is trapped in, and those effects are growing worse with every ‘reset’.

Infinitum: Subject Unknown will be released on Monday 22nd March (Sky, Apple, Amazon, BT, Virgin, Rukuten, Chilli), and then DVD on 26th April. (Also out in Ireland, Australia and New Zealand on the same day – and then North America later in the year).