Sunday Short Theatre – Manhunt (2019)

The last few weeks we’ve being seeing young people very dangerous situations at Sunday Short Theatre. This week’s film we have another ‘adventurous’ young girl who comes face to face with danger in Manhunt.

The young girls we met in previous shorts one lived on the edge in a dystopian society, the other dealt with guilt in the face of tragedy. In Jack Martin‘s Manhunt, we follow a dangerous fugitive who is on the run seeking shelter. The fugitive is being tracked by military law enforcement who also wounded him. As The weather turned into  a blizzard desperately seeking shelter , coming face to face with an adventurous young girl breaks out of her bedroom to turn  play her favourite VR game and their two worlds collide.

This short is a concept film ready to be made into a bigger feature and director Jack Martin does call it his own ‘mini-blockbuster’. He has been working on the idea for a long time and  goes back to  his time as a.  PA for Godzilla V Kong early days. Like many films (shorts and features), very little money and resources and his passion  has driven this project.

This looks very intense and visually this looks wonderfully well crafted film!

MANHUNT is a Sci-Fi / Thriller proof of concept written & directed by Jack Martin. In the heart of a night-long blizzard, an adventurous twelve year old comes face to face with a dangerous fugitive on the run.
source: Film Shortage