Sunday Short Theatre – Da Sola (2020)

No bones about it this damn pandemic/lockdown is affecting us all in some shape or form. We all love to escape the stress of home maybe travel in the world, in this week’s Sunday Short Theatre one woman attempts. Her only problem she can’t escape herself.

This week’s short film is Morgan Gruer‘s De Sola, is only 2 minutes long but it’s worth a look. Delightfully gorgeous sketchy looking animated film that adopts the the Rotorscope style. It’s a style some have argued it’s not animation style as the filmmaker traces over live action giving the film a realistic feel. As you’ll see the film looks like the pages of her sketch book have came to life…

Here’s the statement Gruer about her film

“Da Sola” (italian for “alone”), was inspired by my experience as a woman traveling alone pre-pandemic.

Although the world of travel is on pause at the moment, the sentiment of learning how to be alone in a new place is more relevant than ever. I hope that it can be a reminder to take these lessons of independence and solitude with us even after the pandemic.

The style is executed in an illustrative 2D animation style reminiscent of my sketchbook. My sketchbook is my constant companion wherever I go; it keeps me company, keeps me curious, and keeps me grounded. It was only fitting to express this story in the visual style of my sketchbook with loose, seemingly unfiltered thoughts.

Source: Film Shortage