One Mistake Changes Everything In No Man’s Land UK Trailer



The film’s title should be a big warning, in Conor Allyn’s No Man’s Land Frank Grillo and Andie MacDowell search for their son. Signature Entertainment release the UK Trailer, that son makes one mistake that changes everything for everyone.

‘No Man’s Land’ will always be that dangerous land between two nations whose relationship might not be great or at war. In this indie western drama the Texan-Mexican border is the setting and a farm ran by Bill (Grillo) with the help of his son Jackson. One night Jackson comes face to face with a Mexican family illegally crossing the border, which he accidentally shoots the young boy. His father attempts to take the blame, however his son flees and is chased by the police from both sides of the border.

A reminder that borders are political, this film looks to remind us we’re all the same human regardless what side you live…

For one family protecting their land on the Texas-Mexico border is everything but one night when confronted with an immigrant family illegally crossing the border Jackson accidentally kills a young boy. With his father Bill (Frank Grillo – Captain America: The Winter Soldier) attempting to take the blame, Jackson flees the authorities on horseback and crosses the border into Mexico.

Now an “illegal alien” himself, Jackson finds himself face to face with the very fears he imposed on others. The fear of living on the run. What lessons will Jackson learn along the way as he discovers the truth behind the land he was taught to despise?

The film also stars Jake Allyn, Jorge A. Jimenez, Esmeralda Pimentel, and George Lopez.

No Man’s Land will be released in the UK and Ireland from 31st May.