In The Night House Trailer There’s Something In Rebecca Hall’s House

Everybody has secrets even if Rebecca Hall says she doesn’t. In the first (US) Trailer for The Night House there’s something in her house…ghosts!

Searchlight Pictures have unveiled the First Official promo directed by genre director David Bruckner (The Signal, The Ritual), a film that premiered at 2020 Sundance Film Festival. If we go by the buzz from the festival it will be a good one, hopefully something special like the previous horrors that premiered at the same festival over the years. Hall herself recently experienced the same festival with her directorial feature debut with Passing.

In this one she plays Beth a woman still recovering from the death of her husband. She’s left with many memories of him as well as a strange note which leads her to unravel if he hid any dark disturbing secrets.

The film does look like it dealing with grief but not in the way we expect. There could be some sort of duality going on here and hints of an mirrored universe. This looks very creep, mysterious and if you’ve seen Bruckner’s The Signal, expect the unexpected.

Reeling from the unexpected death of her husband, Beth (Rebecca Hall) is left alone in the lakeside home he built for her. She tries as best she can to keep it together – but then nightmares come. Disturbing visions of a presence in the house calling to her, beckoning her with a ghostly allure. Against the advice of her friends, she begins digging into her husband’s belongings, yearning for answers. What she finds are secrets both strange and disturbing – a mystery she’s determined to unravel.

The film also stars Sarah Goldberg, Vondie Curtis Hall, Evan Jonigkeit, and Stacy Martin.

The Night House doesn’t have a UK or Irish release yet. The above Trailer is for the American release and that date will be 16th July.