Filmpixs ‘Women Making Film’ Celebrates International Women’s Day

Global streaming platform Filmpixs is aiming to be the place to go to for short films, documentaries and animation. Next week will be International Women’s Day and the channel has curated selection of titles from an international array of female filmmakers to celebrate that upcoming special day.

There will be 33 titles selected on offer including animations, dramas, comedies and documentaries and there’s no need to wait until next week, they are available on the platform from today. These collected stories present a myriad of diverse, thought-provoking and universal ideas around identity, families, relationships, belief systems, illness, brief encounters, mourning, dreams, places, history, loneliness, fears, love and sex.

The FILMPIXSWomen Making Film” collection features:

IN HER BOOTS by Kathrin Steinbacher; IN THOSE LANDS by Nayra Sanz Fuentes; WEST QUESTION EAST ANSWER by Dal Park; NINE AND TEN. SELFPORTRAIT WITH WOUND by Marta M Mata; FOREST OF ECHOES by Luz Olivares Capelle; NEARLY THERE! by Colette D’Amico; TWO SHIPS by Justine Triet; BAD FAITH by Marina Pauné, Elena Pauné & Eva Pauné; PARADES by Sarah Arnold; SPUNKIE by Noémie Crozat; DAUGHTER by Daria Kascheeva; BLUE FEAR by Marie Jacotey & Lola Halifa-Legrand; TOUCH ME by Eileen Byrne; PA FUERA by Vica Zagreba; IN HEAVEN’S MEADOW by Magdalena Chmielewska; WIDOWS by María Guerra; LO VÍVIDO Y LO VIVIDO by Sara Álvarez; MIGRAINES by Hélène Couturier; THE FATHER, THE SON… & ANNA by Myriam Muller;

THE SMALLEST FLAT IN PARIS by Hélèna Villovitch; THE MOUNTAIN by Carolina Gómez de Llarena; PAS LE NIVEAU by Camille Rutherford; MAY AND JUNE by Chew Chia Shao Min; FOURTEEN by Barbara Carlotti; ATOMIC SPOT by Stéphanie Cabdevila; TENDER by Jessica Redenbach; THANK GOD THERE’S GRANDMA’S FLAT by Camille Rutherford; CELL 364 by Zoé Rossion & Mathilde Babo; FOREVER by Tove Brask; ELECTRIC SWAN by Konstantina Kotzamani; FELIX IN WONDERLAND by Marie Losier; LOS BARCOS by Dominga Sotomayor; CAMPO DE VÍBORAS by Cristèle Alves Meira.

Also included is a selection of short documentaries produced by GlobalGirl Media (GGM).

GlobalGirl Media develops the voice and media literacy of teenage girls and young women, ages 14-22, in under-served communities by teaching them to create and share digital journalism designed to improve scholastic achievement, ignite community activism and spark social change.

The streaming service is available via its own website,, as well as via the FILMPIXS App, available on iOS, Android, and other formats with a monthly or annual subscription. A seven day free trial is available.