Film Review – The Lucky Stars 3-Film Collection

The Lucky Stars 3-Film Collection is available on Blu-ray now and brings together Jackie Chan with director and co-star Sammo Hung for the first time. Starting off with Winners and Sinners, Hung stars as a part of a criminal group who accidentally cross paths with Chan’s cop who plays by his own rules. Although perhaps the start of their on-screen partnership, by this time Jackie Chan had firmly established himself as an action movie star, so audiences may have been a little surprised to him taking second billing in Sammo Hung’s ambitious new project. However, whenever the two do get together then the chemistry is instant and the action scenes are arguably the highlight of the film.

The thing is though that Hung’s trilogy is primarily a comedy rather than an action movie, so while Chan is off screen, Hung pulled together a rag tag band of comedy actors who are also adept at fight scenes. Richard Ng, John Sham, Charlie Chin and Shui-Fan Fung star alongside Sammo Hung and make up the team on their adventures through My Lucky Star and Twinkle Twinkle Lucky Stars. Keeping with the same characters, but with different code names, Hung’s criminal friends find themselves mixed up in a Triad gang war, working for the police to take down a Japanese crime ring and even becoming cops themselves in the third film. However, although the intentions were good and Hung has said about his influences from Hollywood black and white comedy, The Lucky Stars Trilogy is at its best when the action kicks in.

Also, the comedy is very much of its time and even then, it may have felt a bit outdated. Winners and Sinners starts out well with a solid premise and despite some questionable comedy it still delivers. Although, by Twinkle Twinkle Lucky Stars it’s merely a sex comedy with a bit of action thrown in. Not to mention the plot is a little light, making it out to be a series of sketches rather than a film.

The extras for the collection are well collected, from the usual trailers and TV spots from around the world. There are even interviews with Sammo Hung, outtakes and a couple of rare appearances on Chinese TV. A film collection for those looking to find all of Sammo Hung and Jackie Chan’s collaborations.

Action, Comedy, Martial Arts | Hong Kong, 1983-85 | 15 | Blu-Ray | 22nd March 2021 (UK) | Eureka Entertainment | Dir.Sammo Hung | Sammo Hung, Jackie Chan, Yuen Biao, Stanley Fung