Film Review – Coming 2 America (2021)

Having strong opinions regarding the career of Edward Regan Murphy, this sequel to his 1988 comedy sensation; Coming to America may keep those dedicated admirers of the original marginally amused with abounding references whilst introducing a plethora of new characters and cameo’s.

During his superstar trajectory, an Eddie Murphy movie was almost always an instant money-making box-office success, however for every pinnacle in comical triumph was a cavern of disasters, but something about; Coming to America resonated with global audiences and like many retro favourites, a modern reboot or sequel was likely going to happen.

Murphy smiling away as King Akeem of Zamunda now with three amazingly astute, capable daughters, finds out he has a son back in Queens New York, the setting for his first journey onto the mainland.

This underlying premise sends Akeem back to the Big Apple to search for his offspring in hope bring the kid back to the palace, setting him up for the future throne.

This convoluted excuse to make him a Prince includes marrying him off.

Cinematic water torture, an atrocity that hardly raises a smile.

Excruciating scenarios include Wesley Snipes as a neighbouring tyrant uncontrollably swaying in and out of scenes, blink and you miss them call backs galore, although the infamous barber shop with multiple Eddie‘s and friends is a minor highlight, alongside an array of meaningless, colourful musical interludes.

Kiki Layne, last seen fighting with style in The Old Guard, fares best as Meeka, daughter and true heir to the throne. Basically, everyone else including the great Arsenio Hall and at times hysterical Leslie Jones among others are awfully unfunny.

The audience will switch off along with the cast seemingly throwing out adlib lines in hope something sticks and rarely does.

As politically incorrect as the original was, it had heart to the story, this dead weight sequel was not asked for and remains politically incorrect in a climate where that humour isolates actual laughs, to dumbed down writing.

From the opening credits to the half-baked bloopers tacked on at the end plus for those that stick around an unworthy after credits scene, only Eddie fans from way back may be happy at this fiasco. If the suggested upcoming, Beverly Hills Cop sequel is anything like this, abort abort abort.

Comedy | USA, 2020 | 12 | 5th March 2021 | Amazon Prime Video | Dir.Craig Brewer | Eddie Murphy, Arsenio Hall, Jermaine Fowler, Shari Shadely, James Earl Jones,  Leslie Jones, Kiki Layne

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