Sunday Short Theatre – Soulmate (2020)

We desire in meeting the ‘one’, the one that matches us in all levels, the one to spend the rest of our lives with. In this week’s Sunday Short Theatre, In Soulmate you are forced to kill the one you call your ‘Soulmate’.

This short Dystopian film comes from Australian filmmaker Nik Kacevski. Running at 16 minutes long we follow 13 year old (played excellently by Holly May Lewis) who finds herself living in the near future and a world of overpopulation. This forces the government to introduce drastic draconian laws, making life even more grim.

Milia when we meet is a scared young girl and the films us see her grow into a vigorous girl living on the edge to survive. The film is based on the director’s own upbringing…”The story of Soulmate was triggered by personal child-hood trauma growing up in a violent youth environment with a strict Eastern European upbringing. The making of this film became a therapeutic exploration of fear and strength. Shot in the Bulgarian winter, it was designed to introduce an audience to the world that I yearn to explore within the larger feature-length story. Our small and dedicated team traveled from Australia to Bulgaria to team up with the hard-working locals. From there we wanted to create a film that not only challenged everyone involved but also exposed the lengths we would go to in order to create an impact“.

This is a very ambitious film not just in scope but in scale. The overall production is fabulous which captures the cold, gritty struggle, back by fantastic sound and production design…

Set in the near future, a thirteen-year-old girl plays a deadly game of cat and mouse in a world where overpopulation has caused for a desperate law that forces citizens to kill their designated ‘Soulmate’.

Source: Film Shortage