Watch This Brilliant Darth By Darthwest, Star Wars Short Starring Cary Grant!

When did Cary Grant star in Star Wars?” He didn’t. Off course the title to this post might be a bit of a headscratcher, it’s leading to a brilliantly fun video.

This short aka Darth by Darthwest Episode II finds legendary actor Cary Grant in the Star Wars Universe.

This entertaining video sees Grant’s North By Northwest character Roger Thornhill in the Millennium Falcon. Riding the wave of that galaxy far far away, but how did he find himself in the Falcon?

The film comes courtesy of French filmmaker Fabrice Mathieu who combines Star Wars footage with Alfred Hitchcock‘s classic North By Northwest. The timing is perfection, as you watch Roger interact with the likes of Chewie, C3P0, R2-D2, walk around. As I said timing is perfect and you’ll love this one…

This time, he is their only hope!
Cary Grant is back in a new galactic adventure!
When Alfred Hitchcock meets George Lucas…

Source: Fabrice Mathieu