Watch The Trailer For Evocative Kubrickian Horror The Night

There’s not many U.S produced Iranian films that get a cinematic release in Iran. Kourosh Ahari’s evocative psychological horror thriller The Night is one of those films. Later this month IFC Films will give the film it’s U.S theatrical release, today we get a look at the Official Trailer. Things go bump in the night as a tired Iranian family forced to spend the night at a hotel that looks it’s creeped out the pages of Kubrick horror!

This film stars Shahab Hosseini cinephiles who enjoy World Cinema may know him from A Separation, The Saleman. He stars along side Niousha Jafarian, both play an Iranian couple Babak & Neda returning home from a friend with their infant daughter and find themselves spending the night in a hotel. As a malevolent energy torments the family, Babak and Neda’s deeply guarded secrets are summoned from their dark hiding places.

This looks fantastically terrifying, nothing better than a horror to play with your mind!

THE NIGHT is a psychological thriller that follows an Iranian couple, Babak and Neda, and their one-year-old daughter, Shabnam. Returning home from a friend’s gathering, Babak drives drunkenly, too stubborn to let Neda drive with a suspended license. When Babak’s driving threatens the safety of the family, Neda insists they stay the night at a hotel. Once they check in, Babak and Neda find themselves imprisoned and forced to face the secrets they’ve kept from each other. And though the clock moves forward, “the night” never ends.

The film also stars George Maguire.

At this stage we don’t know if The Night has a UK distributor or release date. The film will get a limited cinema and On Demand release in the USA from 29th January.