The returning franchise cast you can expect to see in Star Trek: Picard

We’re getting the band back together! Trekkies around the world rejoice, as the Home Entertainment release of Picard means being reunited with many of your Star Trek: The Next Generation fan-favourites… and beyond!

The eponymously titled Star Trek: Picard picks up 20 years after the former admiral’s last appearance in Star Trek: Nemesis. While Picard has since retired, settling down on the – also eponymously named – Château Picard, it seems that his old life is not behind him just yet. The 10-episode first season takes us deep within the mind of Jean-Luc, still troubled from the circumstances surrounding his Starfleet departure. But who else can we expect to see throughout the series?

Here’s a look at the original Next Generation members – plus a familiar face from the wider Star Trek universe – making a return in Picard, which comes to the UK on Blu-ray, DVD, Limited Edition Steelbook and to Download & Keep on the 25th January.

Jean-Luc Picard: A surprise to no one, a delight to all – Patrick Stewart is returning as the beloved Jean-Luc Picard, one of the most iconic sci-fi characters of all time. Now aged 94 and retired from Starfleet, he is forced to look back on the life he left behind after a young woman comes seeking his help. Although Picard more than deserves a spot of rest and relaxation at his vineyard on Earth, we are excited to see our much loved captain back voyaging once more.

Data: Second officer to Picard on the Enterprise, a huge part of The Next Generation was following android Data – portrayed by Brent Spiner – on his quest to understand humanity. Which is why fans are both thrilled and intrigued about his feature in the new series, given his sacrifice for his captain at the end of Star Trek: Nemesis. Despite copying his memories into B-4 – an identical but slightly less advanced android – before his death, it is Data himself who we will be seeing in the new series.

Seven of Nine: Another big welcome back goes to Jeri Ryan’s Seven of Nine, who makes her first franchise appearance in the new show since the final episode of Star Trek: Voyager in 2001. Despite featuring in Voyager as opposed to The Next Generation, where most of the returning cast originated together, the shows existed in the same timeline, so fans are excited to see how former Borg drone Seven of Nine will interact with Picard and co. Having spent more than 20 years on Earth since we last saw her, Picard features a very different Seven of Nine, with the best – and worst – of humanity having a significant impact on her character.

Will Riker: Another original of The Next Generation making a return is Riker, second-in-command of the Enterprise and Picard’s Number One. The last time we saw Riker was also in Star Trek: Nemesis, where he finally tied the knot with longtime partner Deanna. The film also saw him finally accept a Captain’s position aboard the USS Titan. Jonathan Frakes, who plays Will Riker, will not only be returning to reprise his character, but also to direct some of the season’s episodes.

Deanna Troi: Alongside Will Riker, fans will also be able to see the return of empathic former Commander and former Enterprise counsellor Deanna Troi. The half-Betazoid was also last seen in Star Trek: Nemesis, leaving the Enterprise to become counsellor and Chief Diplomatic Officer on the USS Titan alongside her husband. In The Next Generation, Deanna was a voice of reason for Picard, with her telepathic abilities lending her a unique understanding of Jean-Luc’s worries. Given the path Picard finds himself on in this new storyline, it is safe to assume he will be grateful for her counsel once more.

Hugh: A minor but memorable character from The Next Generation, Picard also welcomes the return of former Borg drone, Hugh. Only appearing in a couple of episodes of the original show, Hugh went on a discovery of individuality and emotion after being saved by Starfleet, before returning and consequently disrupting the hive mind of the Borg. Jonathan Del Arco’s character, who was given his name by former Enterprise Helmsman Geordi La Forge after a mispronunciation of the word ‘you’, is a popular reprise, as fans look forward to seeing more of Hugh’s journey.

PICARD is coming to the UK, 25th January on Blu-ray, DVD, Limited Edition Steelbook and to Download & Keep.