Sunday Short Theatre – Loop (2020)

When it comes to sci-fi films, don’t trust reclusive scientists or CEO’s. It’s not going to end well for all involved like in this weeks Sunday Short Theatre choice, Loop.

The film is an artistic exploration of a simple hypothesis: emotion cannot be programmed, it must be felt and experienced to be real.

Loop is set in the middle of the 21st Century, we meet a grieving partner whose just lost her other half to drowning. Suddenly we meet her again been subjected to endless questioning as she’s part of an experiment of an reclusive CEO, but why?

The director himself made a statement on his film “I started exploring this concept while observing my young son discover and display new emotions through his own direct experience and contact with others. He was learning to process the feelings of anger, joy, disappointment, sadness, and I found this progression of maturity fascinating and insightful. I started to question whether replicating an emotive incident could result in a similar reaction every time and, if so, could we program a machine to feel?

Over the past few decades film has become fascinated with AI. We seem to want to expand our lives beyond our natural lives or bring back those we loved we lost or didn’t get a chance to say goodbye to. Be reborn learn those emotions, feelings we learn when we’re young.

This is a visually rich looking film (thanks to Cole Graham‘s photography), which gives the film emotional depth and tone…

A reclusive, retired tech company CEO David Hinton attempts to teach AI how to experience and process true human emotions

Loop stars Michael J. Rogers, Valeriia Polishchuk and Tatenda Hatugari.

Source: Vimeo