Sunday Short Theatre – Found Me (2020)

I do love stories of lifechanging events, those events you stumble upon something wonderful like in this weeks Sunday Short Theatre. David Finlay‘s Found Me a film of discovery and coming immersed in that new world.

With majority of us world wide may find us in lockdown or curfew, our daily pleasures maybe limited. When limited you sometimes find those gems with actually looking. Pre-Covid pandemic that thing that lets your self express when what you have isn’t enough to keep you happy or fulfilled. Get a hobby someone may say to you, that’s easily said, finding that perfect distraction or pastime is like Valhalla.

The film is an 9 minute Canadian short which was described by someone as as ‘the Canadian Fight Club‘, which off course gives you an idea where this film is going. Like David Fincher‘s film, what out lead character finds, he ‘does not talk about Fight club’, what has he found?

In Found Me, we follow Mitch, a millennial whose life is in bit of a rut. His editorial job is getting repetitive and his life changes for good when he discovers his home town’s underground indie wrestling.

The film has very little dialogue and there’s nothing wrong with that as what we see on screen does the talking. Mitch’s starts to live a dual life and what we get is an emotional journey of self realisation. Something that challenges him on every level, he’s fulfilled, off course he doesn’t talk about it either!

The film is also personal to the director, who himself stumbled onto Wrestling a few years ago. The feeling of finding something like wrestling on your own door step, the feeling is indescribable. A Very engaging, at times funny soulful film that has a lot of heart. Maybe one day on your daily exercise, wonder around your local area, you might be surprised what you find!

In the foggy, twilight, arctic, dead of winter of Quebec City, Mitch’s life takes a turn after unwittingly stumbling upon the world of underground wrestling.

Source: Film Shortage