Studiocanal Giving 80’s Cult Comedy Restless Natives A Blu-Ray Release

Studiocanal have announced they are set to release Michael Hoffman‘s (The Last Station, One Fine Day) cult 1985 crime comedy Restless Natives on Blu-ray, DVD and Digital in March.

The 80’s comedy gem, gets a a full restoration is truly deserves with the film getting released under their Vintage Classics brand. The film coming with a host of extras including a new documentary with cast and crew.

The film stars Vincent Friell (Will) and Joe Mullaney (Ronnie) and directed by Michael Hoffman from a script by Ninian Dunnett. This much-loved film from 1985 Follows the long line of home-grown international hits, Gregory’s Girl (1981) and Local Hero (1983), The film bangs the drum for Scottish cultural pride with its humour, a soaring soundtrack by Big Country and stunning Highlands scenery. This spirited, establishment-mocking caper movie remains a much-loved and thoroughly enjoyable comedy gem.

Studiocanal have released a clip from the newly restored film, reminding us why we love this gem…

Ronnie and Will are two under-employed Scots living on a housing estate in Edinburgh. Bored and tempted by the untapped wealth of the international tourists that swarm through the city, they hatch a wildly irresponsible plan to achieve wealth and notoriety. Donning a wolf and a clown mask and armed with a puffer gun loaded with homemade mace they politely hold up coachloads of tourists travelling through the Highlands for a bit of cash. The duo soon become a hit with the tourists and the public alike, following in the great tradition of fellow folk heroes Robin Hood and Rob Roy. Their exploits make them a bigger tourist attraction than the Loch Ness Monster, much to the annoyance of the inept local police.

Ned Beatty (Network) also stars as a vacationing CIA Agent Fritz Bender who joins the pursuit of the outlaws, with Bernard Hill (The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King) as Will’s dad and Mel Smith (The Princess Bride) as a schmoozing gangster who wants to cash in on their fame.


  • Audio commentary with Director Michael Hoffman, writer Ninian Dunnett and Producer Andy Patterson
  • A Restless Retrospective: Creating A Caledonian Classic feature
  • Soundtrack For A Not-so-big-country: The Music of Restless Natives feature
  • Behind The Scenes Stills Gallery
  • Trailer

Restless Natives is available to buy on Blu-ray, DVD and Digital from 1st March 2021 and available to pre-order HERE.